Dalila Cunha graduated from Alive & Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork, in San Anselmo, California, in August of 1987.  


Dalila started her massage practice on a part-time basis, working mostly on friends. She then worked on locals and tourists while living in Bahia, Brazil. Dalila also was the massage therapist specializing in sports massage at Club Med Resort in Sonora Bay, Mexico. She has also worked at The Physical Therapy Center in Mill Valley, at the Cabana Club in San Francisco, at Body Kinetics in San Francisco, and last worked at Olivia’s Skin & Body Care in downtown Larkspur before opening up Waterfall Healing Arts in May of 1995.  


Dalila specializes in a relaxing, nurturing, and pampering Swedish style massage and includes Aromatherapy for its many health benefits. She also does deep tissue work for those who request it. Her deep tissue style is strong yet nurturing. Dalila also studied reflexology and jaw work, and has some knowledge of lymphatic and sports massage.  


Dalila’s tranquil environment will help you to “quiet the mind” in order to indulge and relax completely. This helps you to let go of stress, relieve tightness, improve circulation, and bring the body into a relaxed state of bliss!

Dalila is passionate about health and well being, and in addition to massage, she loves everything to do with relaxation and pampering...facials, hot baths, body treatments, meditation, yoga (regular practice for many years), and soaking up the sun.  She loves being outdoors hiking, biking, rollerblading, playing tennis, and camping.  She also loves to dance.  

Dalila loves to prepare nutritious meals, eating plenty of raw and high-water content foods. Dalila is pursuing a non-toxic lifestyle as much as possible, and has replaced many of the bath and beauty products she used to use with organic and natural products. Her dream is to open an Organic Day Spa some time in the near future.