The ultimate in organic experience

• organic linens (sheets, blankets, table cover, wash cloths & towels)

• organic oils and lotions

• organic & wild-crafted essential oils

• sustainable palm wax candles

• natural, eco-friendly flooring

• organic teas in waiting room

• linens washed in biodegradable natural detergent 

An ancient universal mantra, creating a powerful, uplifting vibration to awaken the natural energy in the body.


Why organic?.....because we are already exposed to too many toxins in our environment so why get more during a massage? What you may not know is that many products (oils, lotions, ointments, gels, and even candles) used by some therapists have chemically synthetic ingredients, including linens being laundered in toxic cleaning products which remain on the fabric.  An organic massage is truly a healthier choice for your relaxation needs.